Specialist support

Our Specialist Support is the 'catch all' of the services that are provided by Pivotal Protective Services. We pride ourselves in taking a comprehensive and professional approach to all that we do so that our level of support extends far beyond consultancy, surveys and operations. If it's not on our website Pivotal Protective Services can most likely do it anyway, and securely, giving our clients complete confidence and peace of mind.

Technical/Physical Security installation

Ensuring the safety of your residence, occupants, contents and grounds is most important to us. Implementing an integrated technical security system of any description can be a large investment with measures that can include intruder and fire alarm systems, perimeter protection, access controls and a monitored closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. What type of system best suits your property? Will it be intrusive and is it fail-safe? What make, type and specification of equipment, how will cameras be monitored and if so, by whom? Do you need fire and heat detection and combative equipment? The installation of an integrated technical security system can be a daunting process for anyone and can often be too large an investment to get wrong.

Pivotal Protective Services can advise on, and implement, all such security projects. The initial stages of a technical security installation are critically important whether it's being designed for a new build or a listed property, town house or country estate. We can be there for you at these initial stages, surveying the property and grounds to ensure that all areas of vulnerability are allowed for in the specification and that the project is conducted sensitively and in our client's best interests. We are then able to assist with any tendering process and will project-manage the installation, regularly reporting to a management team as necessary.

Security (Penetration) Testing

How security compliant is your organisation and how aware is your staff? Often referred to as 'penetration testing', safely and constructively probing the viability of security systems is an essential tool for management of all levels. Whether it's a secured estate, property, warehouse, company office or an individual or company Information Technology (IT) system, security testing can be used to verify the effectiveness of both staff and systems. It can often be used as the justification to engaging a specialist consultancy service or indeed as part of the whole process. With proven, evidenced results it reveals the extent of effectiveness and can be the catalyst required to secure a project budget.

Security/Awareness Training

Often when there are perceived risks, or actual risks are identified, a 'one package fits all' approach is taken to providing a solution. At Pivotal Protective Services we will strive to ensure that cost-effective measures are carefully thought through and viable solutions delivered to our clients. The prospect of engaging a full personal security team isn't everyone's idea of addressing a problem. More often solutions are found in the smaller and more discreet approach. It could be that the driver or chauffeur, front of office / reception, household staff etc., would benefit from security awareness training. This latter approach is not only discreet, but it's a cost-effective and efficient means of increasing the overall level of security when it's recommended or considered that more extensive protective measures are not required. Whatever the circumstances, we can assess the requirement and deliver bespoke training to meet the needs of the client.

International Travel Advice

Many employees need to travel on company business, whether it's within Europe or somewhere further afield. Do all employers properly assess the risks involved before asking someone to travel, and do they consider their employee's personal safety once there? Does the employee have the time to stop, think and consider the implications of being asked to work overseas, particularly where there are widely known risks? Is there anything more than vaccinations, travel insurance and a passport to be considered before leaving home? What are the risks in the country and how does one avoid them when travelling outside of the hotel?

Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) is a particular area of concern and is common in many countries around the world but for various reasons is rarely reported other than for those instances of higher profile personalities affected from time to time. Regardless of wealth, it's common.

Pivotal Protective Services will discuss the employers needs, the employee's itinerary and make a practical assessment based on available information, local knowledge and intelligence.

International Travel Escort & Liaison

It doesn't have to be only K&R that's considered; general security advice, a single point of contact (SPOC) either in the UK or country travelled to, or even a travelling security liaison may be required. A single point of contact is always at hand in time of need, whether it's advice or something more immediate. In addition to actually escorting someone a travelling liaison can be particularly beneficial when deployed in a country in advance of the arriving employee(s) where, working from a schedule or programme, they are able to assess venues, hotels, locations, transport etc., and can liaise with local hosts or receiving staff if required. Where warranted there may even be a need for a locally trusted security presence to ensure the daily safety of the travelling employee or executive.

Overseas conferences are very popular with the larger, more global, commercial interests. This is one area where staff is often left to their own devices to explore outside of the conference venue or hotel, particularly in the evenings. In countries where there are significant security risks it is always beneficial to have instant security advice and, if necessary, a presence when moving within a town or city or indeed, across country unassisted.

Travel Liaison is a very common method of working securely when travelling and where it's assessed that personal security is not required, but it's felt that an immediate point of contact would be desirable. This is, in fact, most popular with government ministers and senior company executives. It can, however, be used effectively by any company employee and even family members if a secure travelling companion is required.

International Courier Service

Our consultants are totally trustworthy with proven, secure backgrounds and will go 'the extra mile' to ensure that packages are delivered from point of collection to point of delivery, whether escorting larger loads or small letters and parcels. This service is a regular requirement of the Family Office that is reluctant to rely on the standard couriers to transport personal items from one place to another, and often across the globe.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Feel secure from prying eyes and ears - often referred to as 'anti eaves-dropping', this tried and tested electronic method of privacy quality assurance is used to good effect in circumstances ranging from private homes to private aircraft and boats, marital disputes to conferencing events and from politics to multi-national business dealings. On conclusion of the examination an immediate verbal report can be provided and then supported by a detailed report of all findings.

Information Technology (Cyber) Security

It's a fact that in the modern world, with technology at the forefront, everyone will require some form of protection from external electronic interference, but to what extent? You don't need to be a multi-national corporation, senior politician, media celebrity or football team manager to consider the consequences of your communications being intercepted, criminally or otherwise. Information, integrity, identity, time and huge expense could all be lost if left even partially unprotected.

How secure are the communications within your company, office or private family networks? Do you need to or should you worry about it? Is there a policy in place that will help staff understand what is required and be a part of this important aspect of your business and private communications? Is there a communications procurement policy in place? Is it something beyond comprehension or so unlikely to happen to you?

Key to all questions is 'How private would you want your communications to be? If the answer is 'private' then you may well need to review your procedures by commissioning a test of the existing systems and a report on subsequent findings. This simple, cost-effective measure can not only be used as third-party verification but will greatly assist in establishing an overall, long-term strategy for those with systems already in place but which need revision, or those individuals, families or companies new to the needs of IT security.

As a specialised subject, Pivotal Protective Services will provide expert consultancy to assess and then develop a secure IT platform for our client. We will assess the existing infrastructure and, where necessary, make recommendations for the short-term gain. We will detail a timely development programme to address the longer-term requirement of implementing positive change without major disruption.

Policy and Procedure Reviews

How relevant and compliant are your organisation's security operation policies and procedures? Does your workforce or security provider operate using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), and if so, are they regularly maintained, relevant and understood by all? Whether it's a private residence or business premises, is there a policy on Access Control? Is reception staff equipped to deal with a suspicious character or package? What action should be taken in the event of an emergency and complete evacuation of premises?

Pivotal Protective Services will provide a full report on validity and where revision needs to be addressed. Working in conjunction with management and staff we will audit existing documentation and practices and assist in establishing security policies and procedures.

Control Room Management

Whether it's a multi-national business, high street restaurant chain or local distribution company, behind many good operations is a control room, staffed by people with knowledge of their specific spheres of responsibility. Is there corporate document that details operational actions? How efficient is the system and how does the staff interact with these actions? How accountable is it to the senior management? Are there mechanisms in place to alert supervisors and managers alike?

Pivotal Protective Services's consultants will work in conjunction with managers and control room staff to optimise the efficiency of your Control Room.