Family office

The Family Office is a unique and very private entity with its quite distinct nuances, distinguishing it apart from the normal security environment. It requires sensitivity, resolve, a very select but extensive professional network and a high level of integrity and understanding to provide the best possible security service to a private family. More often than not a family can appear quite disjointed and disorganised and yet, in contrast, be extremely successful and complete. We understand the subtleties of working for a family. Whether the sphere of a family's private and business interests are already extensive, or they're on the increase, there may be a need to conduct a full review and incorporate all, or some, forms of security either for personal, business, travel or even insurance purposes. From starting afresh to developing an existing security operation, Pivotal Protective Services benefits from substantial experience operating within this quite unique environment. In working closely with the client and their staff we will provide an unrivalled comprehensive consulting and security service.

As a specialised area we can provide our expert consultancy service directly to a client and their family on either a short or long-term arrangement. We can also work with the Family Office team to advise on family or group security arrangements or to carefully assist with the complete or partial implementation and integration of security into family and business life.

It may be that the family has already decided, for whatever reason, that it requires a full-time security input or is deciding whether or not to incorporate one into their sphere of family and business activity. Is this the right direction? Perhaps an indirect management or consultancy approach is more desirable than a full time specialist and direct employee? If a full time security manager or team were sought, what would be the most appropriate source and process of recruitment? What particular qualifications and experience should the candidates possess and what measures would need to be taken to ensure a newly appointed professional understands the uniqueness of the role? Without extensive experience of working in this environment it is difficult to assess the uniqueness of the private Family Office, how they operate and indeed, why they operate. In order to progress professional measures there is a distinct need for individual strength of character, patience, resolve, discretion, confidentiality and ultimately, complete and unreserved trust.

Pivotal Protective Services is able to provide an unrivalled depth of understanding and advice at each and every stage of integrating a security manager or team into a Family Office. We are ideally placed to discuss the process, options and expectations and will provide our knowledge and support to the client and/or principal's Family Office team, whether openly or behind the scenes.

In order to meet the requirements of a Family Office our consultancy can provide exceptionally discreet operators, male and female, who are not only qualified in close protection but are highly experienced in working as Personal Protection Officers (PPO) to high and low profile political, royal, diplomatic and private families. They understand the subtleties of working with total discretion and, of course, with children of all ages.

Business and Family Travel

Our carefully selected Family Office security operators are often used on a purely ad-hoc basis to accompany on higher-profile business meetings or on family holidays, both at home and abroad (see International Travel Advice and Liaison). Sometimes they will act in support of a pre-arranged local security presence. International travel is in fact where their resourcefulness and organisation skills come to the fore. Not only will they provide an unobtrusive and discreet accompanying security service but, when required, will support the client by managing daily itineraries and making last minute changes to meetings, travel arrangements and activities, and all with the family's security firmly in mind.