Risk evaluation

The Risk Evaluation services that we provide have been successfully used over many years for both high and low profile individuals and businesses and are an area of expertise. With our comprehensive surveys and analytical audits Pivotal Protective Services aims to assist with the understanding and management of security risk.

For complete reassurance all our work is conducted by operationally qualified and experienced consultants in both subject matter and, importantly for our clients, producing detailed reports for the highest level of government. Areas of exposure will be highlighted and so, working together with the client, we will identify the most effective and practical methods to mitigate the risk and address shortfalls in procedures.

Residential, Building and Estate Surveys

Pivotal Protective Services conducts in-depth security surveys on residential properties and business premises. The report will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the buildings, grounds and environment, and highlight the vulnerability of both occupants and contents. We will provide a professional, but practical, set of recommendations that can be readily adapted to produce quite bespoke and effective solutions.

Our company has vast experience in surveying all types of property from small to large residential homes and country estates to corporate premises. Where technical enhancements are necessary we will recommend only the best, suitably trusted and qualified suppliers. Further, we can assist with any tendering process and will, if required, project-manage the complete installation, liaise closely with the selected contractors and attend regular site meetings on behalf of our client. From start to finish, we will ensure a totally professional outcome.

Security and Company Transport Audits

An audit of existing security arrangements (personal, business) or a review of (company) transport provision is often used as a management tool to assess developmental requirements, to achieve independent third-party verification or to secure or reduce budgets. Pivotal Protective Services will provide the knowledge and expertise of Subject Matter Experts to assess current practices against industry standards and report findings in a comprehensible, clear, concise and objective style. No jargon, professional and to the point.

Vulnerability Studies

Our Vulnerability Study is a particular area of expertise. It is a personalised and totally confidential specialist study and report on a person's individual circumstances that reveals all areas of exposure and risk. In building a picture of the person's lifestyle it can incorporate as much or as little as is revealed by them but honesty and transparency have always provided the best results. Used to great effect for many discerning individuals it is as intensive a survey as you wish it to be. By it's very nature it can be intrusive, but above all else, is guaranteed confidential between the individual and the consultancy. For a detailed assessment of the actual personal risks, rather than purely the perceived, the process analyses private, personal and pubic personas with the ultimate aim of achieving a set of practical solutions that address any areas of concern. It will not eradicate them by implementing complete change, but will accommodate a chosen or preferred lifestyle. It would be professionally negligent not to highlight areas of exposure so this is confidentiality communicated so that, if required, agreed measures can be taken to mitigate the risk. Pivotal Protective Services acknowledges that one 'package' certainly does not 'fit all' and so solutions are bespoke to individual needs.

A Vulnerability Study is not limited to high net worth clients or those facing specific threats. Whilst a full study can be a time-consuming and labour intensive process a much shorter advisory service is often sought by those that feel 'vulnerable' (for whatever reason) but who also feel that a comprehensive study and report is unnecessary. Some even choose to either supplement or pre-empt possible official action by conducting the process 'off the record' where a lengthy, searching conversation gives rise to clarity, less confusion, an agreed Action Plan and an altogether more positive outlook. If required, timely follow up sessions can be scheduled to assess progress and provide reassurance.

This latter personal and discreet option is a cost-effective alternative to a full survey and can also be conducted at any suitable or neutral location. It has proven to be most popular with clients who are uncertain what they are faced with. It is quite possible that they need some professional verification or totally confidential support and advice from a career detective with an exceptionally strong personal security background and understanding of an individual's personal safety concerns.