At Pivotal Protective Services we understand that personal security should be exactly what it says - personal. It is core to our consultancy ethos. With an international capability we provide specialist advice and an expert service based on many years of experience protecting prime ministers, heads of state, royalty, senior politicians, private individuals and, of course, their respective families. We appreciate that understanding an individual's needs is an important aspect to the overall success of integrating personal security. We will assess vulnerability, identify areas of exposure and provide practical solutions with the most appropriate means of mitigating the risk. Individual circumstances will vary but this may include a number of specialist technical and physical recommendations. Our Vulnerability Study is an ideal first step for those who require, or who believe they need, our specialist attention.

Although referred to as 'personal' security, Pivotal Protective Services specialises in providing unrivalled, bespoke security solutions for the whole family unit (see Family Office). As a specialised area we can provide our expert consultancy service directly to a client and their family on either a short or long-term arrangement. We can also work with the Family Office team to advise on family or group security arrangements or to carefully assist with the complete or partial implementation and integration of security into family and business life.

Personal security does not necessarily mean a 24/7 response, unless of course the threat warrants or it is requested by the client and/or principal. We firmly believe that 'one size does not fit all' since everyone's circumstances are different. A personal security team will vary in make-up. Large or small, it will be more than capable of being low-key, unobtrusive and discreet. This is, in fact, what we recommend and specialise in. Whatever level of personal security is required, or desired, all of our recommended operators are expertly effective yet sympathetic to the Principal's needs and are as overt or unobtrusive as desired. This flexible approach to providing discreet but efficient personal protection is key to our success. Everything is manageable.

The body of security operators assigned to someone's personal security is more commonly referred to as a 'close protection' team. There are other specialists (see Investigation) that can enhance the personal security of an individual (and indeed can replace a team in certain circumstances) but the main core will consist of one or more of the following:

  • Personal Protection Officer (PPO)
  • Close Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Close Protection Driver
  • Residential Security Team (RST)

Close Protection

If it's assessed that personal security is required, or is requested by the client, then Pivotal Protective Services can provide a set of options, all of which will start from a base recommendation. In furtherance, we can support our client with a full security team, operators of which will all be from solid security backgrounds, experienced, licensed and appropriate to the assignment. Whilst we appreciate that it's not a dating agency, there is such a thing as compatibility. Whenever time and opportunity permits, compatibility of operator to 'principal' will be achieved at the outset.

Operators working closely with a principal will have extensive experience of working not purely as a 'bodyguard' but rather as a Personal Protection Officer (PPO). The roles are poles apart, a phenomenon that will be realised once the operators start to work and make things progress smoothly for their principal. Our Personal Protection Officers have all worked directly with high profile and often very 'public' figures and understand the human dynamics of, and need to achieve, a sound professional relationship. They will also have extensive experience working in a support role (Close Protection Officer), making them fully competent and most useful to their principal. Not purely functional - professional.

At the forefront of what we do is our customer service as there will often be some fear of family or personal upheaval and intrusion. Many a prominent politician has dreaded the thought of receiving personal protection but once implemented, with very few exceptions (if any) and in acknowledgement of the quality of service, they've regretted losing this inherited and most valued asset. Although this is based on working for extended periods with a principal it is our intention to fully replicate the sentiment for our clients, no matter how long the assignment.

Residential Security

An effective method for protecting any (large or small) residence, it's occupants and contents is the implementation of Residential Security Officers (RSO). Again only trained, qualified and experienced security operators should be used for this most important role. They will attend to all aspects of access control, the overall security of the property, its contents and the occupants when in residence. Monitoring closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, fire and intruder alarms (if installed) the residential security officer will be the first line of defence, liaising with the personal security team and/or driver and the authorities if required. Importantly, they will be responsible for evacuating the occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Close Protection Driver / Security Chauffeur

A frequently underestimated role within the security team is the Close Protection Driver / Security Chauffeur. Their importance within the working team is as important as all of the others. Like the rest of the team, a specialist role requires specialist training. Our security drivers are fully trained, qualified and experienced in specialist protection driving techniques, greatly enhancing a principal's safety when in a vehicle. It is very common for Principals to engage the services of a security-trained driver without being escorted at all times by an accompanying Personal Protection Officer. Whilst not recommended in cases where there are major risks or where a visible deterrent is required, it is an option for consideration.

Implementation with empathy

With many years of experience working within this unique form of very private and personal security and having established numerous 'new' operations with Principals and/or clients we acknowledge that it may prove to be a daunting time and experience for all, let alone the principal's family and friends. This is actually quite normal and is where careful integration and security by design become paramount to overall success. The options will be numerous depending upon the circumstances and risk involved. As reputation is paramount we want to get it right from the start so prior to, and throughout the whole process, we will ensure that there is clarity of understanding where concerns are addressed long before they become an issue. If practices need fine-tuning to suit our client then so be it.

Only by discussion will concerns be properly addressed so we actively encourage an all-important meeting with the principal, always prior to commencing and then at scheduled or requested times throughout a mid to long-term assignment. This process is essential at every level of protective service and assists the overall success.