Chris Allen - Managing Director, London Family Office
Managing Partner, Coutts & Co

As the Managing Director of a London Family Office for a significantly wealthy family from Africa, I was tasked in 2012 by my Principals to help them recruit a Head of Security, who could bring an impeccable reputation and vast experience of operating at the highest levels globally, to their family structure. This role required extensive knowledge of security situations in multi jurisdictions, the ability to build and successfully manage a strong security operation and personal close protection team, and a 'get things done' responsive mentality, all whilst maintaining and enhancing the personal security of the principals and their immediate family.

During an extensive head hunting exercise I was introduced to Bryan, who had by far the most far reaching experience in a CV that encompassed extensive and highly confidential security work for an overseas royal family and the personal protection of a number of senior government figures in the UK. Bryan's credentials and experience made him the 'stand-out' candidate for the role and subsequently I had the pleasure of working with him for over three years.

Bryan has a unique combination of personal skills and knowledge, tremendous experience in his profession and with Family offices, very strong interpersonal communication skills and his own network of first class global contacts that he has developed over his many years in the industry. He immediately earned the respect of the principals with the practical and thoughtful manner he went about solving their security concerns and identifying and putting into place a personal security team and professional security infrastructure. He introduced a working discipline that continues to be managed and which serves the principals well.

In his role with this very busy family, Bryan has had a number of situations where he has had to respond immediately to changing and quite difficult security or other situations. On these occasions he has brought all his experience to achieve very positive outcomes, whether by direct action using his global network, or by personally and diplomatically intervening. His attention to detail is second to none.

During my time with the Family Office I came to personally rely on Bryan's good sense and experience, with the knowledge that all aspects of the family's security was in the most capable of hands. He was a great and trusted colleague to work with at senior management level and I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing Bryan and, as I have now retired, I wish Bryan continued success in everything for the future.

Timo Webley, Area Manager, Protectas SA (member of the Securitas AB group).

I met Bryan in 2013 when I was recommended by a mutual acquaintance as he was seeking to develop a residential security concept for one of his acclaimed high risk clients in Switzerland. I was honoured to meet such a professional with whom I immediately established a mutually professional understanding, almost as if we had been working together on the same team for a number of years.
Bryan's training, background, global experience and character allow him to satisfy the highest expectations in both executive and corporate security. Any given security risk or issue was dealt with with great care and swiftness, keeping a cool head even under extreme pressure. His methods of working obviously worked favourably for him in his role.
His knowledge in risk assessment, intelligence and counterterrorism make him one of the greatest professionals I have had the honour to meet and work with. I endorse without any doubt his new projects and would encourage anyone to rely on this extremely confidential, respectful and professional colleague.

Mark Shields - Deputy Commissioner Jamaica Constabulary Force (Ret'd)

In 2005 I was engaged as Deputy Commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in charge of crime. Shortly after my appointment it became clear that my life was, and quite possibly those around me were, potentially under threat from criminal gangs. I applied for the assistance of the UK specialists in this line of work and was very happy to ultimately meet and receive Bryan McCord whom had been sent to further investigate and assess.

Bryan was extremely personable and explained to me the detailed process he would use to establish the facts by analysing my lifestyle. The proof of his methodology was realised when he completed the lengthy but thorough process with a covering confidential report and set of recommendations that were swiftly adopted by my service.

As a senior police officer working at a strategic level I thought long and hard about the process that Bryan had devised to deal with my predicament that he called a 'Vulnerability Study'. I could clearly see the value in the process and the time that Bryan had invested in me; the results and the fact that I am able to write this testimony speak for itself.

I would encourage anyone who not only is, or perceives that they are, in a life threatening position like I was but others who feel vulnerable for whatever reason to engage with Bryan's time and expertise. His personable, confidential and experienced approach is a credit to the profession of which I am still very much part of. I am completely confident in his ability to ensure the safety of any individual and their family.

John Hodge - Dignitary Protection Operations Coordinator, Queensland Police Service. Australia

I have known Bryan McCord since 2005 when I undertook a visit to the Metropolitan Police Dignitary Protection Unit.

I currently hold the position of Dignitary Protection Operations Coordinator with the Queensland Police Service. I was the Dignitary Protection Project Manager for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in Queensland in 2002 as well as for G20 held in Brisbane in 2014. I held the ANZCTC National Assistant Dignitary Protection Capability Advisor from 2000 to 2009 and Capability Advisor from 2012 to 2014. I have also undertaken the role of Director Protocol for Queensland Government Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

In 2009 in my role as the then Australia & New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee National Assistant Dignitary Protection Capability Advisor I was able to secure Bryan to be the guest presenter at the Australian National Dignitary Protection Forum conducted at the Australian Federal Police College in Sydney.

As a result of Bryan's expertise and content knowledge, the National Dignitary Protection Forum was able to develop a number of capabilities which ensured the Australian Jurisdictions were undertaking worlds best practice.

Bryan has continued to provide support to the Australian National Capability over many years greatly enhancing our operational plans and deployment capabilities during numerous major events in Australia.

I have no hesitation in supporting Bryan in his current endeavors.