Pivotal Protective Services is an expert investigative company that specialises in all types of investigation and detection services. Our expertise is gained by many years of accumulated experience in security and criminal detection by security Developed Vetting (DV) detectives working at top-secret level. Our services provide for a complete investigative process from basic research to physical detection and evidential intelligence gathering. In keeping with our company ethos all investigation and detection services are discreet and sensitive to the client's needs.

Working within statutory legal parameters Pivotal Protective Services will conduct totally confidential and discreet enquiries using former detectives, now specialising in private investigation with solid, proven backgrounds in investigation and detection. No investigation is too large or small and includes:

  • Identity verification
  • Personal relationships
  • Business associations
  • Sickness absence
  • People and Asset tracing
  • Loss investigation


Surveillance, whether physical or electronic, is commonplace in today's modern world. What others are doing or what they're doing to you can be relevant to many people at some point in their lives. Ensuring a sterile environment, free from any form of visual or physical attack, is essential. Whether it's providing surveillance awareness training to a chauffeur, pursuing someone's activities where evidence is essential in order to progress personal aims or checking if someone is eaves-dropping in your home, office or mode of transport like private jet or boat, we have the capability to deliver a quality product. Pivotal Protective Services will assess the risks, recommend preventative measures and, if required, arrange for the solution to be implemented. Our surveillance services include:

  • Physical, evidential surveillance
  • Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures (ESCM) - 'Eaves-dropping'
  • Surveillance awareness training for chauffeurs and staff

The term surveillance covers a multitude of activities but basically means the observation of others or something or avoiding / counteracting this observation. It is important to know that Pivotal Protective Services will only conduct its work within legal bounds. Before accepting any such task we must be satisfied that the integrity of both the Client and our company will not be tarnished in any way.

Pivotal Protective Services will use only qualified and experienced operators to conduct surveillance. The operators will have worked at the highest level of national security and organised crime. All activity can be evidenced and used in subsequent legal proceedings.

Surveillance Awareness Training

What would the company executive's driver / chauffeur do if he thought he was being followed? What action would a company employee take if the same happened at home or even overseas? Perhaps someone is in a position of responsibility and could be followed from their home or place of work? Is it possible that someone's movements are likely to be, or are already being, observed? This aspect of basic personal security (anti-surveillance) is often overlooked and awareness training is a simple method of raising individual awareness levels to equip people to look after themselves, and others, to provide a simple but effective form of personal security.

Pivotal Protective Services will deliver surveillance awareness training to vulnerable individuals and those who are in a position where they suspect that they are being, or may be, observed. We also provide discreet in-house training to all company employees and international travelling staff.

Counter surveillance

You could have an important or other meeting that you want to make sure is conducted in a 'sterile' environment without prying eyes and ears. Surveillance operators will discreetly ensure that your meeting is conducted without fear of intrusion.

Protective Surveillance

As an alternative to low-key personal security, or perhaps to support it, protective surveillance can be used to provide a 'covert' form of personal security, particularly when arriving or departing set locations or in transit between the two.